Hello Arduino

Photo Jan 18, 10 27 16 PM

I have been tossing around the idea of learning Arduino for a number of months now and have finally started to dive in. I will update this blog as I make more cool Arduino projects.

There are two sides to Arduino, hardware and software. I have some experience working with electronic component assembly so it gives me a bit of a head start on the hardware side. Now, learning to code will take some time since it is foreign to me. 

I’m a very visual learner so I have a hard time reading copy heavy books. Luckily there are many YouTube videos out there for beginners. I have been watching Programming Electronics Academy’s Arduino tutorial series and I will have to say the narrator, Michael James, does a great job breaking it down so even absolute beginners can follow easily. I highly recommend that series as a starting point.

Learning the basics of Arduino coding is great but I am eager to start applying it to useful everyday things!


Useful parts:
Arduino UNO R3 Board Module With DIP ATmega328P(Blue)
microtivity IB401 400-point Experiment Breadboard w/ Jumper Wires
ESUMIC LCD Module 16X2 screen, 1602 White on Blue

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