Dual Tone Hella Horns

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Every motorcyclist knows one thing for sure – louder is better. Factory horns are to quiet and just doesn’t cut it in my opinion. At least the stock horn on my Triumph Thruxton is hardly audible, even to me while cruising. Imagine its effectiveness in traffic.

Upgrade time. I’ve always been a fan of Hella dual red horns. Something about it is just so damn sexy. And I’ll be honest, a big part of my decision to upgrade was purely for looks. I see them on cars/trucks all the time but there aren’t many motorcycles with them. I thought it would be unique to give my Thruxton a bit of flair.

Installation was initially a bit difficult because there are no mounts on the market for motorcycles. I would either have to get it made, or do it myself. And you’ve guessed it – I fabricated one myself. All part of the fun!

Once the bracket was made, I just needed to find solid points on the frame to bolt them on. Wiring is quite simple too if you’re familiar with simple circuits, but I can add a schematic if there is any interest. The horn kit comes with a relay and all you’d need are the wires and connectors.

These dual tone horns are music to my ears and are such a huge improvement over the stock one.

HELLA Supertone 12V Twin Horn Kit


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2 thoughts on “Dual Tone Hella Horns”

  1. Hi. Interested in changing the horn on my thruxton. Could you detail the wiring please and let me know if the horns foul on the front mudguard as there isn’t a lot of room there? Thanks David

    1. Hey David, the horns are wired the conventional automotive way with a relay. This diagram should help clarify. There aren’t any issues with with clearance with the front mud guard, if that’s what you’re asking. You’ll just need to fabricate a bracket to fit the aftermarket one.

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