Canvas Tool Roll

4 - 28DBoHD

I’m a bit obsessed with organizing my tools, materials, and parts in my workspace. If I can group similar things together in a bin, I will do it. If i don’t have a bin, I’ll build one. And in this case I needed a pouch to carry my new wheel lug socket set.

I had a large sheet of canvas laying around from a previous project, so I figured it would be a good opportunity to make a small pouch or tool roll. If you have a heavy duty sewing machine, I would highly recommend using it. This was all stitched by hand and took quite a while, but in the end it totally paid off. 

I slip the sockets in, roll it up, and toss it in my trunk floor compartment. Done.

Ingersoll Rand SK4C3F 1/2-Inch Drive 3-Piece Lugnut Service Flip Impact Socket Set


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