Jeep Wrangler Backup Camera Bracket

10 - cNS8CiM

If you drive an SUV, chances are you have experienced some level of difficulty with blind spots while reversing. Small cars or objects are virtually impossible to see directly behind the tailgate. The good news is you can install a reverse/backup camera to help overcome that obstacle.

“How would I get one?”, you ask. You can either go and get one professionally installed, or if you have the capabilities you can follow the route that I took and do it yourself. Continue reading “Jeep Wrangler Backup Camera Bracket”

Dual Tone Hella Horns

1 - 6rJykWT

Every motorcyclist knows one thing for sure – louder is better. Factory horns are to quiet and just doesn’t cut it in my opinion. At least the stock horn on my Triumph Thruxton is hardly audible, even to me while cruising. Imagine its effectiveness in traffic. Continue reading “Dual Tone Hella Horns”

Woodshop workbench

Popular Mechanics Workbench

We have a small one-car garage that I use as my wood shop. So limited space means figuring out the best configuration to suite my needs.

I found a great little workbench on Popular Mechanics with comprehensive plans. I tried to follow the plans as close as possible since this is my first built-from-scratch workbench, although some things were altered due to limitations in tools and materials. All materials were were available locally with the exception of the quick-release vise – which I will have to source online. Continue reading “Woodshop workbench”